I just wanted to take a few minutes and share some info about our upcoming training. it will be held at the IGO missions base (8201 Wards Ln. Semmes Al) on April 26/27. this training will be very interactive and super fun with live simulations and lots of hands on practice , so wear comfortable clothes and prepare to have a blast! The cost is $75 which includes training manual, responder GO bag with various medical supplies, responder shirt, helmet, badge and certificate , lunch and snacks along with all that you also get up to date training in basic first aid, disaster psychology, critical incident stress management, how to minister in traumatic situations, light search and rescue ( you may even get to watch a few working K9’s in action) , food prep and serving in crisis situations, deployment prep, and much more.

So sign up and come join us, our greatest need is trained responders! The more responders we have the longer we can sustain our deployments and reach more people with hope and healing during the worst times of their lives. YOU can be a disaster missionary, it starts with just one training! All you have to do is say YES!!!!

Being SENT

I have been asked many times why I choose to go into sometimes dangerous, always chaotic, always stressful environments to help people that I don’t even know. Truthfully, there are many reasons. Number one being that Jesus chose to come into my dangerous, stressful, chaotic environment to help me.  John 3:16 I love because He first loved me! But there is more to it than that, today I want to talk a little about being “sent” and how that feels.

            Being Sent… It is a feeling like no other. I will do my best to explain it, but sometimes it feels like there are not enough words to describe it. Imagine the majesty of a God that can just speak a word and the universe just came into existence. From the beginning to the end (alpha and omega) He always has been! How do you adequately describe HIM, the best way is to use His own words I AM, whatever, whenever, however (I AM), that is what an awesome God He is.  And He wants to use me? Send me? Who am I?

            I can tell you, most days I feel completely inadequate. He took a very shy, introverted, fearful girl and asked her step way outside of her comfort zone to lead IGOfirst. I have stood in foreign countries and blocked a road from the Chinese military to keep them from running over our water pipe we were trying to install ( just the thought of that still makes my heart pound) , I have also stood in living rooms of devasted families and cried with them over their loss. He has taken that same shy, girl and put me in places of authority working hand in hand with mayors, police, FEMA and EMA officials. In my heart and mind I am still shy …but I AM SENT. I also know that the greatest authority ever to exist, the creator of the universe has sent me!

            There is no other feeling in the world better than partnering with our heavenly father to see his will established in the earth. To feel the love He has for people and help them find and feel His love during some of the worst times of their lives. We read stories in bible of sent ones, from Moses, Elijah, Peter, Paul and never really comprehend what it took for them to go and endure some of the things they experienced. But I believe it was in part to knowing they had been sent by the same God who is still in the sending business.

            If you have read to this point you may be desiring to “sent” yourself. Let me tell you that you don’t have to be a disaster missionary to be “SENT” just listen to his voice and GO where he says Go. You may be “SENT” to Walmart or your neighbor’s house next door! It doesn’t matter if it is to the ends of the earth or across the street when your partnering with the I AM to see His will brought forth in peoples lives!

            And I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Who shall I send, and who will go for us? Then I said, Here am I; send me Isaiah 6:8


Lee County Tornado Deployment

IGOfirst will have boots on the ground tomorrow morning in Phoenix Al. We will be partnering with Adderath Church to meet the needs of those who have been devastated by the recent tornado outbreak. As of this morning 23 people have lost their lives, and many more have been injured. We have seen reports of whole neighborhoods that have been completely lost. Our goal is to set up our mobile kitchen and start feeding homeowners as they begin the heartbreaking task of gathering what few belongings they can find. And of course as we always do we will be taking care of our first responders who work tirelessly to restore a sense of order to the chaos. Please , remain in prayer for the first responders who are still searching for many missing and un-accounted for people. Also , pray for our team as they travel early tomorrow morning.

 As always , if you would like to give to help meet the needs during this deployment it would be greatly appreciated, just press the donate button at the top of the page for easy online giving. Check back here and on our face book page for updates from the team as they minister this week.

A day in the life of a disaster missionary

A day in the life of a disaster missionary


People often ask me” what is the most awesome thing you have ever seen on the mission field? “ I can certainly tell you stories about flying across the ocean to a crumpled and devasted Nepal after a major 7.9 earthquake. It was such a strange and weird feeling laying in my tent the first night, trying to fall asleep while the earth rolled and trembled beneath me. I remember feeling anxious and nervous about what the next day would entail, while I listened to strange and unknown sounds of foreign village winding down for the night. That earthquake killed over 8,000 people in about 45 seconds, we worked all week helping restore water to the village, basic medical care, and helping  them find healing after such a traumatic experience.

I can also tell you about my own traumatic experience of barely surviving a 7.3 earthquake just a few days later . My body felt it and started reacting before my mind even processed that it was an earthquake, I literally ran out of my shoes. I had to travel between two,swaying three story buildings that had already been damaged in the first earthquake, I was almost hit by a huge piece of falling concrete. Once I made to a clear area, I only had minutes to prepare before having four men who were caught in a rock slide brought to me for help. Buildings were falling all around us, huge rock slides were brought down with every aftershock and the people were screaming and frantically trying to find family members amid huge clouds of dirt that were being stirred up from the rock slides and falling buildings.

I have been deployed with our search and rescue team just minutes after a tornado ripped apart a local town, so I could tell you about what its like to see people walking around in shock and how it feels to search a twisted and mangled home for precious souls who were sleeping peacefully in their beds only minutes before. Or what its like to hike up an active volcano, to cross rivers that just swept a bus away…

But my BEST story about a day in the life of a disaster missionary is simply getting to sit down and share a meal or a cold drink with someone who has been traumatized by sudden chaos. I often think how a disaster missionary is a replica of Jesus. He left the comfort of heaven and entered the chaos of this world to help me. And that is what a disaster missionary does, we leave the comfort of our home and enter the chaos of the disaster field to help others. To me, nothing communicates the love of Christ quite like the love of a disaster missionary.


So you want to make a difference in the “off season” of disaster?

Many times as a crisis missionary, I find myself feeling unsatisfied when it has been a while since I have deployed. The reasoning for this is because I am not working in my purpose. For the past couple of years, I searched for ways to do what I felt I was supposed to do even when there was no disaster to respond to. One of the ideas that were birthed out of that time was a diaper bag drive. Diaper bag drives help so much with being prepared for when a crisis does occur. Rather than running everywhere to gather supplies at the last minute, you can focus more time on praying and developing yourself for the mission field you are about to enter. You can help us be prepared by hosting a diaper bag drive!

Here’s what you do:


1.      Find Diaper Bags. They can be gender neutral or gender specific. Either way works.

2.      Gather the following items:

·         Bottles(2)

·         Formula (ready-made works best)

·         Diapers

·         Wipes

·         Small toy

·         Pacifier

·         Bib

·         Baby blanket

·         Baby food (this one is optional on the age you decide to do)

·         Change of clothes (onesie, something simple)

3.      Label your diaper bag by using a sticky note and push pin. All this means is what size diapers you put in the diaper bags, what size clothes, etc.

This is just one way that you can make a difference while no deployment is taking place.