So you want to make a difference in the “off season” of disaster?

Many times as a crisis missionary, I find myself feeling unsatisfied when it has been a while since I have deployed. The reasoning for this is because I am not working in my purpose. For the past couple of years, I searched for ways to do what I felt I was supposed to do even when there was no disaster to respond to. One of the ideas that were birthed out of that time was a diaper bag drive. Diaper bag drives help so much with being prepared for when a crisis does occur. Rather than running everywhere to gather supplies at the last minute, you can focus more time on praying and developing yourself for the mission field you are about to enter. You can help us be prepared by hosting a diaper bag drive!

Here’s what you do:


1.      Find Diaper Bags. They can be gender neutral or gender specific. Either way works.

2.      Gather the following items:

·         Bottles(2)

·         Formula (ready-made works best)

·         Diapers

·         Wipes

·         Small toy

·         Pacifier

·         Bib

·         Baby blanket

·         Baby food (this one is optional on the age you decide to do)

·         Change of clothes (onesie, something simple)

3.      Label your diaper bag by using a sticky note and push pin. All this means is what size diapers you put in the diaper bags, what size clothes, etc.

This is just one way that you can make a difference while no deployment is taking place.